3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes – Wood Exterior


Please Note: 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes are not eligible for return, exchange, or refund. 

3M™ DI-NOC™ EX Series for exteriors are durable, dimensionally stable, and weather resistant surface finishes for exterior applications. They can be applied directly on smooth, non-porous application surfaces. It is designed to maintain consistent finish and color, despite UV exposure and other conditions.


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  • Innovative architectural finishes for transforming exteriors
  • Create a sense of unity between interior and exterior surfaces by using DI-NOC™ Standard Series and DI-NOC™ EX Series with the same design.
  • Excellent Weather Resistance- exterior warranty ranges from 3 to 14 years, depending on the climate and installation location.
  • Advanced designs and textures for ultra-modern appearance
  • 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology ensures quick and easy installation
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds powerfully to a range of substrates

Additional information

DI-NOC™ Pattern

FW-1022EX, FW-1023EX, FW-1113EX, FW-1122EX, FW-1123EX, FW-1124EX, FW-1129EX, FW-1214EX, FW-1681, FW-1801EX, FW-1805EX, FW-233EX, FW-236EX, FW-324EX, FW-330EX, FW-522EX, FW-618EX, FW-625EX, FW-627EX, FW-640EX, FW-643EX, FW-650EX, FW-651EX, FW-7006EX, FW-7008EX, FW-7011EX, FW-887EX, WG-1044EX, WG-1140EX, WG-1143EX, WG-1144EX, WG-657EX, WG-695EX, WG-7024EX, WG-960EX

Design Family

Fine Wood, Wood Grain


10 yd, 27 yd, 5 yd, 54 yd


48 "


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