Mirror chrome car wrap


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Mirror chrome car wrap

Mirror chrome car wrap made the headlines when a young pop artist decided to wrap his exotic in it. This ultra reflective and flashy wrap is a headline grabbing, attention-seeking car wrap.


1. Condition: new, time-tested
2. Supports the air bag release design so that there are no bubbles
3. self adhesive
4. Very easily cut-Scissors will slide through
5. Measuring lines on the back to easily cut to different sizes
6. highly stretchable
7. Will not damage your paint or natural finish-no residual glue once removed
Size: 6×60 inches (15 * 152 cm)


1. waterproof
2. with UV protection
3. Outdoor life more than 5 years, inner life more than 8 years
4. The ultimate in flexibility
5. Can be applied and reapplied for the desired look
6. Highly stretchable-able to adjust to almost every situation
7. Extremely thin-fits into tight points and corners
8. Cost effective compared to a paint job

Package includes:
1 x vinyl wrap







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Gold, Green, Rose Red, Silver


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