Matte Metallic Rose Gold Car Wrap


20CM X 152CM20CM X 30CM30CM X 152CM50CM X 152CM60CM X 152CM75cm X 152cm

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Matte Metallic Rose Gold Car wrap is a signature car wrap that is on demand and can be seen at various car shows. Matte metallic offers a sleek a refined look to any vehicle. Accomplish a high-end yet trendy and mouth-watering envy with this look.

If you see any creases from unrolling the roll, this WOULD NOT affect the item when you apply to your car! We are not responsible for creases from unrolling the roll because that is the nature of the roll when you unroll the item or when the item rolled for too long (think about when you fold your clothes for a long time, it will have crease/wrinkles)




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20CM X 152CM, 20CM X 30CM, 30CM X 152CM, 50CM X 152CM, 60CM X 152CM, 75cm X 152cm


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