Kiwo 1100 Kiwobond/Kiwodur

KIWOBOND 1100 POWERGRIP is KIWO’s latest two-component frame adhesive for adhering mesh to wood, aluminum, and metal frames. It provides the best bonding strength and solvent resistance of all the KIWOBOND frame adhesives. It dries to a non-tacky surface in as little as 5-10 minutes. The exceptional bonding strength makes this frame adhesive a perfect choice for those using automatic washout/reclaim equipment and everyone using slower evaporating solvents that often soften other frame adhesives.

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  • 2 component frame adhesive (sold separately)
  • Best bonding strength & solvent resistance
  • dries in 5-10 minutes

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Kiwobond Adhesive, Kiwodur Hardener


1 kg, 4.25 kg


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