Holographic Rainbow Chrome Car Wrap


Holographic Rainbow Car Wrap absolutely stunning car wrap. Looks amazing on exotics or a G Wagon.

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Holographic Rainbow Chrome Car Wrap


Water Resistant and UV Protected
Invisible Air-Release Channel, easily get rid of bubbles during installation
self adhesive, eliminate bubbles, peel and stick application.
Gloss and smooth finish
Easy to clean with soap and water
Long lasting for approximately 10 years indoor use and 5 years outdoor use
It can also be applied onto most smooth painted or metal surface such as cell phone, laptop, home appliances, table and even cabinet and much more.

SUV or 4X4 need 23 meters


Material: PVC

Size: 18m x 1.52m (The largest size roll)

Installation Temperature: 60F to 80F (16C to 32C)
End Use Temperature: -65F to 225F (-60C to 107C)

If you see any creases from unrolling the roll, this WOULD NOT affect the item when you apply to your car! We are not responsible for creases from unrolling the roll because that is the nature of the roll when you unroll the item or when the item rolled for too long (think about when you fold your clothes for a long time, it will have crease/wrinkles)


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