Diamond Silver Car Wrap


1.22x10m 4x32.8ft1.22x18m 4x59ft1.22x5m 4x16.4ft

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Diamond Silver Car Wrap has all the glitter and bling you could ever imagine.

This car wrap is awesome for everyone in search and desire of stunning glamour.


1>Thickness: 0.2mm
2>Weight of Liner: 120gsm
3>Size: 1.22 * 18m
4>Stretch Rate: 33+ Pascal
5>Material: PVC
6>Glue: 30g/ square ± 2g/square

7>Temperature: -40 to +180 degree
8>Compatibility: Die cutting, car decoration, architectural decoration


1>Cost-effective: Our products are very cost effective as compared to other
brands like 3M or Avery etc
2>High flexibility: High flexibility with the use of Heat gun makes it easier to
be applied on the curving surface. The ultimate in flexibility and conform-
ability to curved surfaces.
3>Application: Can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces of a car
bonnet, spoiler, bumper, car roof, car mirror, interior decoration, even
mobile phone and so on)
4>Easy apply and remove: We use Strong Quality Imported Self Adhesive
Glue, so it is easy to apply it on the car and will stick to pretty much any
surface, but also can be removed and reapplied numerous times without
losing its adhesion. Easy Install will not fade, chip, crack or peel.
5>Water proof, UV and FR; Filter harmful light ray. Seamless for whole car
6>Easy to clean with soap and water. Without residual glue on the car after remove



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1.22x10m 4×32.8ft, 1.22x18m 4x59ft, 1.22x5m 4×16.4ft


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