Easiway EasiSolv 601 Screen Wash


EasiSolv 601 Screen Wash & Stain Remover is designed to dissolve all types of ink from the screen printing mesh before removing the emulsion. This product is applied to the screen printing mesh and rinsed with water. It also contains surfactants that degrease the screen printing mesh when used as a final step in the reclaiming process. 601 is an Easiway-approved stain remover, dissolving ink stains, emulsion residue stains, and ghost images from the screen printing mesh. 

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  • Best Stain Remover for Waterbase inks (Choose 601 if you’re running 80% waterbased inks
  • Doesn’t Foam
  • Choose 601 for 80% waterbased inks
  • Not Watermisable (Separates when mixed with water)
  • Good for HSA/Discharge stains      

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