AlbaChem Albatross 1082 Safe-T-Tack

AlbaChem® SAFE-T-TACK PALLET ADHESIVE Albatross Safe-T-Tack is a non-flammable, non-V.O.C. water-based adhesive. It provides a long lasting pressure sensitive tack for your screen printing pallets. Using Safe-T-Tack will keep your press, floors and personnel clean. Safe-T-Tack can be brushed or carded on the pallets, or when applied with the pneumatic Albatross APS System or PSB spray guns, Safe-T-Tack obtains immediate tack with no overspray.

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  • 1 Gallon
  • Long lasting tack, flashable
  • Eliminates risk of aerosol adhesive cans falling into dryers
  • Does not contain any acetone or other ketones
  • Non-Flammable


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